Our Passion


Don’t just survive… THRIVE!

Solving problems by engaging, connecting, and empowering global citizens.


Do you think globally?

People and organizations who connect, understand, and integrate with diverse populations will become tomorrows global leaders.

Global mobility is on the rise.  The movement of people can cause problems and provide new opportunities.  Increasing numbers of students, employees, and families want a passport filled with foreign-nation stamps along with personal or professional development experiences.   Geopolitical, education and environmental refugees continue to pour into cultures they are not familiar with. 


“Never in history, has there been so many people studying abroad.  Never has there been more global professional global mobility.  You have a choice.  You can remain isolated on your on campus or in your office or home, or you can get out of your comfort zone, and join with others to make your global experience, and the worlds, much brighter.  We hope you choose adventure.” 


Ross Anderson  |  Founder & Chief Global Mentor

The Team

Ross Anderson, CPPMFounder & Chief Global Mentor

Ross Anderson, CPPM is the visionary for Bright Global Futures.  He has experience in various industries an entrepreneur, family business owner, school administrator, and global project manager.  Ross lived in Shanghai China for 5 years while establishing a new business in manufacturing and sales operations later expanding into Europe.  As a college student, Ross studied abroad in Western Australia, and has a passion for connecting students, professionals, and organizations on their global journey.

Hua Sun, Ph.DAdvisory Board & Mentor

Hua Sun, Ph.D, is an advisory board member at Bright Global Futures.  Hua holds working experience across various industries an engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor.  Hua has lived and worked in North America, Europe, and Asia for fortune 500 companies and is considered an expert cultural trainer for organizations and professionals.  Hua shares a passion for helping international students achieve success in their global education experience.

Kingshuk MukherjeeAdvisory Board & Mentor

King Mukherjee, MBA is an advisory board member and mentor at Bright Global Futures.  He is a professor of global business at the College of St. Benedict / St. John’s University and has working experience in various industries an entrepreneur and business owner.  King has lived and worked in North America, Europe, and Asia as professor and global business executive.  In addition to teaching students, he has facilitated experiential learning internships for hundreds of students and companies.

Wendy WolfeEducation Technology Consultant

Wendy Wolfe, MA – Education Technology Consultant

Zach Boever, MAISOutreach & Recruiting Manager

Zach Boever, MAIS has a Master’s Degree in International Studies with an emphasis in Chinese business from Concordia University – Irvine and a Bachelors in Asian studies from College of St. Benedict | St. John’s University. He has spent several years living in both India and China for research and work. Zach has experience working for multinational Fortune 500 companies, and in many industries including education, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail supply.

Laura LallakAdventure & Event Coordinator

Laura Lallak is the Event Adventure Coordinator here at Bright Global Futures. Laura has a Degree in Early Childhood Education as well as 12 plus years experience working with children in the childcare field and in various education classrooms. Laura enjoys being adventurous and is passionate about sharing her love for the outdoors and encouraging people to try new things.

Yan Kang "Louis"GPSx Platform Administrator - OPT Internship

Yan Kang – GPSx Platform Administrator – OPT Internship

“I think Bright Global Futures is one of the unique platforms that I’ve seen, that can really help students… the hands-on experiential learning is very important!  It was also a great learning experience for me as a mentor”


Kingshuk Mukherjee |  Mentor & Board Advisor 

The Platform


GPSx – Global Problem Solving Xcelerator

A web and mobile, experiential learning platform which provides the process, tools, training, and mentoring resources to achieve your own definition of global success.  Built on the Microsoft office 365 Sharepoint Platform, it can be customized and co-branded to meet the needs of our partners to accelerate global development.


What is Branded Experiential Learning?

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”          Benjamin Franklin

Sponsored, collaborative, project-based learning experiences designed to build brands for organizations and trusted connections between people who are different from one another. 


The Offerings



Project Management
STEM Fields
Social Enterprise
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Career Coaching
Life Coaching
Cross-Cultural Coaching
Adventure Experiences
Study Abroad Connections
Global Travel Connections
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Career Exploration
Leadership Development
Global Connections & Mentors
Cultural Orientation & Agility
Spring / Winter Break
Life / Career Purpose
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“What this company offers to me… Skills to talk with the local people. Because we can’t learn skills like this in the classroom, we learn theories in our class, but not something like this.” 


Kang Yan |  International Student Intern

The Approach


Sound Educational Theory

BGF Adventures follow David Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning.

Kolb’s theory follows Plan, Experience, Review, and Understand.  A fifth step, called “The Transfer of Learning” helps focus attention on how the student can apply what they’re learning to their current needs and situation.  Think of the transfer of learning as answering the always important “Whats in it for me?” question.

Experiential Learning CycleKolb’s 4-stage Cycle

Proven Global Learning Methods

Innovative ApproachCombining Proven Methods

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