“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Neale Donald Walsch


Experiential Learning Adventure:  Unusual, exciting, or daring experiences undertaken by people who are different from one another, and which are supported by organizations to solve a clearly defined, global problem.


Accelerate global development and innovation for organizations through teamwork, by following a proven problem-solving process.

How GPSx Adventures work: 

Engage:  Our GPSx adventure platform brings together a sponsored group of globally minded students, staff, and professionals.

Connect:  Through our proven process, trust is built, experiences are shared, and mutual understanding by different peoples is developed.

Empower:  Following Kolb’s 4-stage experiential learning cycle, teams are stretched outside of their comfort zone with new experiences and global competencies are developed through intentional, team-oriented activities.

Solve:  Teams follows our globally proven process to identify and solve a real-world global problem which is identified by a chosen partner non-profit organization.

An unforgettable, valuable experience

Project Management

Our GPSx platform and professional guides lead the development and execution of an exciting and effective learning experience.

Purpose Driven

Choose a Non-profit partner to receive 10% of all proceeds and select a relevant problem to be solved by the team.

Development Focus

Accelerate the development of people or teams to identify problems and find practical, innovative solutions.

Brand Enhanced

We broadcast the good being done through social media, video, and our global ambassador network.

How do participants benefit?


Have fun & make new connections

Build your resume with experience

Learn new life & career skills


Improve cultural/generational agility

Gain leadership experience

Help others, share your experience


Foster teamwork & innovation

Develop a talent pipeline

Make positive brand impressions


A few intentional Adventures developed by university student-led organizations:

Photos of adventures we sponsored for International Students:

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