Are you a non-profit organization?

We are not a 501c3 organization, but we are a social enterprise who collaborates with non-profits.  We commit to investing 10% of profits to partner charities doing critical work to guide, connect, integrate, and empower global citizens.  We must deliver excellent value-to, and generate healthy revenues from happy customers.

What is the GPSx Platform?

GPSx = Global Problem Solving Xcelerator A web and mobile-based learning management system combined with intentional experiential learning and mentoring.  When combined, they produce results greater than the sum of each part on their own.  Our methods are proven and time-tested, but the way we’ve put them together is truly innovative.

What is an Xcelerator Program?

Our services and the GPSx are similar to a business startup accelerator, which has grown in popularity to successfully launch a new business.  According to the Harvard Business Review, “Startup accelerators support early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing.”  Much like a startup accelerator, we offer a comprehensive development program for individuals or companies who have chosen to embark on a global journey.  Our globally minded clients gain access to valuable tools, mentorship, connections, and experiential learning – all proven to improve your return on investment in a global life, career, or education.

Who is the GPSx and accelerator service and services designed for?  Why?

International students, immigrants, refugees, expatriates and global professionals are those who benefit most directly.  However, in order to speed up their development and integration – and to make it a truly win-win experience for the local community, we sought to find effective ways to engage local people and organizations to also participate in the process.  Our discovery?  The absolute best way to accomplish win-win is through intentional experiential learning adventuresmentoring, and internships.  Oh… and also, the world benefits as we build strategic and meaningful connections and mutual understanding between peoples who are different from one another, leading to a more peaceful, Bright Global Future.

How can your program work for so many kinds of people and groups?

Our approach and process are to engage, connect, and empower all kinds of global citizens, for mutual benefit and to solve global problems that matter to them.  We work with individuals, but often in partnership with and sponsorship by organizational global citizens such as non-profits, companies, and educational institutions.  Our web-based platform, proven processes, and tools provide a framework, but each participant has an individualized experience as they choose and pursue their own vision to achieve.  With our support participants identify problems (or opportunities) they could solve which moves them closer to achievement – step by step.  We tap into people’s own passion and interests to fuel development for the benefit of the organizations or families that sponsor them.

Who pays for the services?

Individuals:  Can enroll for a tuition-based fee and may be sponsored by parents, family, or crowdfunding.

Companies:  Can sponsor a cohort for social good in partnership with a non-profit, and include employees they’d like to develop a global or cultural agility skillset for.

Educational institutions: Can sponsor some or all the costs and offer the programs to aid in the success of international or study-abroad student programs.  They also can become enrollment partners.

International Education Agencies:  Can package the accelerator to their international students or families to provide a more full-service and comprehensive international education experience.

What problems or opportunities can the program help me to solve?

Take a look at the key stakeholder pages accessible on the homepage to learn about how we can help each group solve problems.  Our process can work to solve any type of problem, really.  If you’re not sure then schedule a time for a free consultation and we can help answer your questions.

How much time does it take?

We can speed up or slow down our program and services based on your needs, but it works best if you have a minimum of 3 months to dedicate to it.  Students benefit most when they can dedicate 1 year to the program.

How much does it cost?

This is very difficult to answer without first understanding your current situation and what you would like to achieve.  Our process takes you through all the steps in order to provide a detailed proposal and cost before you need to decide if you’d like to participate.  Also, we may be able to offset costs by gaining support from corporate or non-profit partners.  All our accelerator programs are designed to provide you the tools and framework and teach you how to use them on your own.  So once you complete your program you should be able to apply them on your own in the future… however, some people or organizations could choose to continue the program as its helpful to have BGF to guide your development.

Who would my mentor be?  Which company can I intern with?  What type of adventure can I join?

Our proven process will guide us to the best answer to that question based on your specific vision and what issues you’re facing that are holding you back from achieving it.

Can I get educational credits or certificates for completing the program?

The GPSx and our experiences are based on proven educational principles.  It depends on your institution’s policies and programs.  Many universities and a growing number of high schools and professional certification programs require an experiential learning component, so it is quite possible that you can gain credit for involvement.

You didn’t answer my questions in the above section.  Where can I get a better answer?  

You can click on “Contact” and choose one of the ways to get in touch with us.  We’ll do our best to get you an answer to your question and may give you some ideas you can use in the process.

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