An innovative solution combining proven methods

The GPSx Platform accelerates global development, cultural integration, and problem-solving for people and organizations on a global journey.


GPSx Platform:  A web and mobile, experiential learning-based platform which provides the visibility, tools, training, and mentoring resources to achieve your own definition of global success. 

GPSx Objective:  Accelerate global development, cultural integration, and problem solving for people and organizations to achieve a clearly defined global vision. 

How the GPSX Platform works:

  • GPSx platform was designed with, by, and for; students & parents, non-profit and business leaders, global education and experiential learning experts.
  • GPSx is built on the Microsoft Office365 SharePoint Platform. Benefits of Office 365 Sharepoint
  • GPSx can be customized or co-branded for an organization’s specific operational or marketing requirements.

Develop 6 global success skillsets

By applying proven learning methods

Following Kolb’s 4-stage Experiential Learning Cycle


A few snapshots from the GPSx Platform:


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