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“Learning is experience.  Everything else is just information.”

Albert Einstein


Internship:  An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time, usually undertaken by students or graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in a particular field.


Accelerate global development by producing exploratory and career-related experiences focused on documented, real-world problem-solving for both the sponsoring organization and the intern.

How GPSx Internships work: 

Engage:  The GPSx internship program is a great way to bring new ideas and global talent into organizations, and for students to explore their careers.

Connect:  We evaluate, then connect globally-minded students to organizations for interview experience and the potential for an internship opportunity.

Empower:  Internship candidates and hiring managers are provided resources for problem-solving and cultural agility training which accelerate development and lead to positive outcomes.

Solve:  Following our proven process, an organization sponsors a problem or opportunity and benefits from our simple 1-page reporting tool leading to measurable, documented results.

Global internships are a win-win experience:

Try before you buy

Internships are a great way for companies and students to go for a test-drive and be more certain it’s a good fit for both parties.

Documented Results

With the help of our process and tools, we ensure that both the organization and intern produce documented, measurable results. 

Cultural Agility

Match a local manager with an international student intern to build cross-generational, and cultural competence. 

Innovative Thinking

One of the key benefits of diversity is bringing new solutions, different ideas and innovative thinking to teams and organizations.

How do participants benefit?


Experience an organizational culture

Build your resume with experience

Practice interviewing & job search


Improve cultural / generational agility

Gain leadership experience

Share your experience, help others


Engage your team with development

Access new global talent pipelines

Increase capacity and throughput

GPSx Internship Reporting Tool

No need to micro-manage, our interns come trained as short-term project managers, with a simple reporting and problem-solving tool to keep everyone on the same page and keep the project moving forward.  You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish together!

Why do they like GPSx Internships through Bright Global Futures?


“My vision is to become an entrepreneur.  But not only that, I want to be a global citizen”

“I want to go to graduate school, but first I want to get some great working experience in a local company first.”


“I’d like to help people with their financial futures – but want to find an organization that is a great fit”.

“I love to travel and try new experiences.  It would be great to be considered for an international assignment at my company.”


“We’d like to be an employer of choice for new Americans and get our job opportunities out there.”

“Our vision is to be the global leader in our industry.  We want our people to have the global skills and competencies to get us there.”

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