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Global issues facing students today:

  • Language, confidence, and cultural barriers
  • Adjusting to different education systems and philosophy
  • Lack of personal or professional global connections
  • Lack of nearby family, friends, or adult role models
  • Limited cultural or language immersion experiences with local people
  • Healthy, appropriate relationships with friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends
  • No clear passion or vision for your life, education, or career
  • Uncertain which major / minor to declare
  • Fun, intentional, and effective use of weekends, holidays, and summer breaks
  • Healthy usage of gaming, social media, and technologies
  • Food, alcohol, health, and safety concerns
  • How to search for and obtain a global internship and job experience
  • Managing healthy parent-student relationships while learning independence

We can help students of all kinds to identify and solve their global issues.

International Students


You’ve chosen to or have been sent away to get an international education and are being supported by your family to succeed. Maybe you feel lots of pressure to succeed. You may not realize this, but as an international student, your circumstances are very similar to that of a global entrepreneur with an uncertain future. You are like a startup business which has been funded by angel investors – your parents. Just like a global entrepreneur, you’re taking on significantly higher risks than your peers who choose an education in your home country. How? By leaving behind your family, friends, career connections, and a native language/culture you’re familiar with. Why? To pursue a global dream and to accomplish something truly significant. International students need a balanced approach to succeed in life, education, and their careers but face major challenges which local/domestic student peers do not. Parents, school administrators, and homestay families have the best intentions to help you but may have limited time or resources, or may not understand who you are, who you are trying to become, or your current situation well enough to solve problems and help you succeed. BRIGHT GLOBAL FUTURES offers the GPSx- Global Problem Solving Xcelerator – platform, mentoring, and individualized experiential learning resources for students to succeed in their dynamic, global journeys.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Study Abroad Students


You’ve chosen to study-abroad and have been accepted to a program that promises life-changing experiences. It will no doubt be memorable participating in a school-sponsored program, but it may not automatically lead to the best possible outcomes or return on investment or time. Students can become isolated with their home-country classmates and miss the opportunity to integrate – only to return home wishing they would have been more intentional to learn the local language and culture, or by developing global career and friendship connections through experiences with local people.They’ve missed the opportunity for their resume and study-abroad experiences to stand out in a growing crowd. As the number of short or long-term study abroad programs and participants steadily increases, and GAP years or non-credit travel programs have become popular participants often lack the structure or guidance to get the most from their investment.BRIGHT GLOBAL FUTURESoffersthe GPSx- Global Problem Solving Xcelerator – platform, mentoring, and individualized experiential learning resources for study abroad students or programs to succeed on their dynamic, global journeys.

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Globally-Curious Local Students


You don’t need to travel abroad for exciting, valuable global experiences or connections. Even if you choose not to study abroad or leave your hometown, access to global people, cultures, and food are probably closer than you think. The global movement of people have brought growing numbers of foreigners into your cities and communities, and there is a growing need for local people to connect with them and to assist in their integration. It’s possible for you to create life, education, and career competitive advantages from working with these global peoples and create true win-win experiences. Additionally, video and web-conferencing allow for global connections and communication today that were not possible 15 years ago, and many organizations are seeking those with experience using high-tech communication and cross-cultural competencies. If you care about helping others, making a global impact in your community, and you’re curious about the challenges people face when they move thousands of miles from home then consider yourself “globally-curious”. BRIGHT GLOBAL FUTURESoffersthe GPSx- Global Problem Solving Xcelerator – platform, mentoring, and individualized experiential learning resources for students to succeed on their dynamic, global journeys.

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